AMT Electronics CP-100 PANGEA Guitar Cabinet Impulse Convolution Player:

AMT Electronics is proud to introduce the CP-100 Pangea guitar cabinet impulse convolution player. As many guitarists out there know, technology in guitar processing has grown in leaps and bounds over the recent years. With the introduction of "cabinet impulse" files that can be found all over the internet, guitarists can download these files and use them with their computer to recreate perfect dead-on cabinet emulation.

We here at AMT wanted to make it easier for everyone to take advantage of this new technology, by offering a cabinet convolution player in a small compact portable pedal sized enclosure. Now, guitarists can use the Pangea wherever they wish; in the studio, playing live gigs, on their pedalboards, for late night practice sessions, etc. Take it anywhere. Finally, no more computers needed to implement cabinet impulses into your guitar rig!

Presets, Settings, and Impulses
The Pangea has 10 BANKS and 10 PRESETS in each bank, allowing the user to store a generous 100 custom cabinet impulses and have instant access to them.

In addition to the 100 available presets, the Pangea also features a 5-band parametric EQ for precise tuning of the impulse, cabinet room size settings, and dry/wet convolution volume control. These can be found in the menu under CS (cabinet module settings), EQ, RM, and VL.

Cabinet impulses can easily be loaded into the Pangea via USB connection. No special drivers or software needed. Simply plug the Pangea into a computer and it will be recognized as disk "PANGEA_MINI". Once copied to the Pangea, the USB cable can be unplugged and is no longer required.

Inputs and Outputs
There are many ways the Pangea can be used. The unit is equipped with Input, Thru, Output, Aux, and USB connections.

The Input jack may be used for connection from a guitar preamp, guitar signal processor, a pedalboards, or even an amplifier head. Whatever signal the user wants the cabinet impulse to be applied to, the signal will enter into the Input jack. (CAUTION. When using an amplifier head for the input, a speaker cabinet must be plugged into the Thru jack to compensate for the load. The AMT PowerEater load box may also be used in place of a speaker cabinet. Note this is ONLY when using a powered amplifier head.)

Output from the Pangea can routed to a computer DAW, a mixing board for direct PA use, powered studio monitors, a power amplifier for use with speaker cabinets, or even headphones for practicing. One of three preset "working modes" can be set on the Pangea depending on how the device will be used.

- Working Mode 1
(headphones output, stereo): 2 dBu(0.615Vrms)
- Working mode 2
(line output, stereo): -10 dBV(0.314Vrms)
- Working mode 3
(balanced output, mono): +4 bBu(1.23Vrms) 

The Pangea even has an Aux input for connecting a portable media player, mixing console, etc. Final output of the Pangea will mix the Input signal with the Aux signal. The Pangea's final output signal is in L/R stereo, so a stereo source may be used for the Aux input.

Overall Input level control can be fine tuned by using the built-in attenuator with 0 db, -24, -26, -32, -36, and -40 db settings.

- 12v DC power negative center (-), adapter only (INCLUDED)
- 140mA power consumption
- 24 bit audio conversion rate at 48 KHz

- 1.2 ms latency
- 20.5 ms IR impulse file truncation
- Normal input level -10 dB
- 3.750" X 1.750" X 1.250" dimensions