AMT Electronics Communist Pig:

All you bass players get ready for this one. Looking for that perfect distorted, crunchy, cutting bass distortion? The Communist Pig will turn even the sweetest of them dirty. Capable of adding anything from slight grit for classic rock styles, up to full hard core thunderous low metal screaming bass lines for 5-6 string players. Perfect addition to any bass rig.

All AMT pedals are designed to sound equally as good through an amp or direct recorded due to built-in cabinet emulation circuitry.Perfect for live performance and in the studio. You must try one to believe it. The first time you plug one in, you will be instantly addicted to the "AMT Tone".

Technical Information:
Size: 112mm (4.4") x 72mm (2.8") x90mm (3.5")
Weight: 420g (14.8 oz)
Control: Level, Low, High, Drive
Jacks: IN, OUT
Power: DC 9V, 9V Battery or PSA (-) center Adapter