AMT Electronics Capitalist Pig:

Tube driven, tamer brother to the Communist Pig. The Capitalist Pig was designed for bass players looking for that smooth fluid warm bass tone. Using a solid state amp and looking to add analog tone to your signal? The Capitalist Pig is perfect. Also retains the high quility tube tone for bass players already using vavle amps by not having to pass through other digital bass pedals. The creamiest, smoothest, warmest tube powered bass pedal avaliable.

All AMT pedals are designed to sound equally as good through an amp or direct recorded due to built-in cabinet emulation circuitry.Perfect for live performance and in the studio. You must try one to believe it. The first time you plug one in, you will be instantly addicted to the "AMT Tone".

Technical Information:
Size: 112mm (4.4") x 72mm (2.8") x90mm (3.5")
Weight: 420g (14.8 oz)
Control: Level, Low, High, Drive
Jacks: IN, OUT
Resistance: 1 kOm
Min Level: -40dB
Nominal: -26dB
Max Level: +17dB
Resistance: 1 kOm
Current Consumption: 420 mA with 9V
Power: DC 9V, 9V Battery or PSA (-) center Adapter